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How to clean and care for your art mirror

Luminessence Fine Art Mirrors

hand made in Calgary by Jay Roma Lamb.

Please read this information before hanging or cleaning your art.

Thank you so much for your interest in my art. This work of art is created with patience, care and great enjoyment. It is my deepest hope that it will bring some of that energy into your home.

Possibly the most important information you should know about your new art is how to clean it.

This art is coated with a high quality, UV resistant resin. This coating scratches easily and is difficult to repair. For cleaning, wipe with a damp, soft cloth. Most microfibre cloths work well, no paper towels please. To remove fingerprints, I suggest using a small amount of isopropyl alcohol (2 tbs) in a spray bottle filled with water. Commercial glass cleaner may eventually lead to problems. Please do not soak the art as it may remove paint. Spray the cloth, not the art and simply wipe the art. Any areas that have paint (and words) overtop the resin must not be scrubbed. If you have a house cleaning person, perhaps best to ask them to avoid the art, you never know what they will use on it and they may clean it more often than is actually required, increasing the risk of scratches.


When moving the mirror to a new residence, wrap it in a soft blanket. If you plan on putting it in a box or crate, wrap it in glassine paper opolyfoam before adding bubble wrap or styrofoam corners. Do not put bubble wrap, tape or Styrofoam directly against the resin coating as it may leave a permanent mark. Keep the art out of extreme temperatures and don't mount it in a place where it will be exposed to long periods of direct sunlight. A passing sunbeam should not be a problem and makes a truly beautiful visual effect, so experiment with that in regards to placement if you like. Please see my website and Youtube channel for examples. I suggest experimenting with lighting. The brightness and direction of the light illuminating the art will have a very noticeable affect. Fluorescent bulbs are damaging to any art (too much UV) and give very poor colour rendering. LED's are best. I like 3000 degrees colour temperature. For more information on lighting and other interesting articles on art, please visit my website and the art newsletter there. Please do not mount any glass artwork above a bed or anywhere it may cause injury if it comes off the wall. The adhesives I have used in constructing this artwork are high quality industrial grade but I cannot guarantee the bond.


It is not unusual to find “imperfections” in my art. As much I endeavour to create quality work, I don't strive for technical perfection. I find it much more enjoyable and effective to allow the creative moment to unfold without doing overly much to control it. Too much thinking and concern with perfection impedes creative flow, rendering a technically good piece, but one that can lack heart and true beauty.

If you would like to be occasionally informed of new artworks, please send an email to

I will send you no junk and will not share your information with anyone. And if you have the time, please send me a few photos of your new art in your home, I like knowing where my “babies” end up living. May this art bring moments of peace to all who encounter it.